Wheelchair Accessible Taxis and Minicabs in Harrow

NCC24HR provides modern, clean, climate controlled wheelchair accessible taxi transfer service along with MiDAS and PATS fully trained drivers to ensure wheelchair users travel in style and comfort in Harrow. Maintaining the safety of all our customers is of the utmost importance during our day-today operations. Our drivers apply exceptional standards of care to those that use our service, including those who have accessibility issues. The following rules and regulations are adhered to at all times by our drivers:

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On entering the vehicle drivers always ensure that:

  • Ramps are always used.
  • For vehicles with ramps on the side entrance, they park alongside the kerb where possible, to make the gradient of the ramp less steep.
  • Wheelchairs are pushed forwards up the ramp, and come down backwards.
  • Wheelchair users do not hit their heads, legs or any other parts of their body on the door frame or other part of the vehicle when being manoeuvred into the vehicle.

When inside the vehicle, drivers always ensure that:

  • Wheelchair users never travel facing sideways or at an angle.
  • They only transport wheelchair users who comfortably fit in the vehicle and can be safely secured. The vehicle may not be suitable for every type of wheelchair.
  • When in position inside the vehicle there is sufficient space around the wheelchair so that the user does not make contact with other passengers, unpadded parts of the vehicle, the wheelchair restraints or any other equipment.
  • The brakes on the wheelchair are always on during the journey.
  • They secure the wheelchair and provide the user with a passenger restraint/seat belt on every journey.
  • They follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the restraint equipment being used.
  • The wheelchair restraints are secured to a strong part of the wheelchair frame, in a position that does not allow them to fall off or work loose.

NCC24HR provides certified in-house Mini cab drivers Awareness Scheme (MiDAS) and Passenger Assistant Training Scheme (PATS) training to our staff, consisting of the following:


Training includes a theory based session in a classroom where condidates get instructed in:

  • Safe transportation of wheelchair users
  • Health & safety
  • Assisting people with disabilities
  • Legal issues


  • Assisting Passengers with Disabilities
  • Supervising Children and Young Adults with Special Needs
  • Working with Adults Who Need Care and Supervision

These areas of learning all involve practical assessments to ensure Passenger Assistants have demonstrated their competency ahead of service commencement.